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SML is an easy-to-use online application that brings social media interaction with your audience into the control room and On-Air, Live!

The platform allows you to perform live & historic searches for Twitter and Facebook messages, and create playlists that are exported directly to your on-air graphics system for live display in real time. Tweets and Posts can be moderated, edited and are automatically screened for profanity before being added to the live feed during your television broadcast. User defined search terms and hashtags allow for specific feeds across multiples shows for sport and news channels.

This browser-based application produces an XML data feed which any live graphics system can utilize. Simply extract the fields you want and assign them to your text objects.

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Standout Features

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface

Twitter, Facebook & Free Text messages

Pre-defined search terms and hashtags lists

Quick lookup, moderation and post to live

Current or historic posts

Automatic Profanity Filtering (Editable List)

Easy to deploy and use across multiple shows

Delivers standard XML into any system

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